Welding, an important detail

The welding quality is really important in anti-wear treatment, in both new and used punches. Our welding is made by means of an anthropomorphic robot with cored wire and electric-arc for melting it. In this way, the weld cord will have a hardness of 57-60 HRc.

It’s known that the electric-arc that melts the wire dilutes the welding material with the steel base of the punch, reducing the wear resistance of the cord. In order to reduce the effect of dilution, we usually apply more than one cord, so that in the wearing area we find mostly the welding material. Moreover, our last generation robot can apply a special welding reinforcement over the punch corners.
Another type of welding used by our company is made using rods of Stellite melted by means of oxyacetylene torch, operated by a skilled worker which patiently lays down many drops of Stellite, composed mainly of cobalt and chromium. The dilution of the material is minimal and the wear resistance is the best.
With our Stellite grade 12, you can get higher performance up to 25% better than the duration of cored wire, even if compared with Stellite powder cored wire. This detail helps to well understand the importance of welding; it means money saving and postponed maintenance.
Definitely, this coating is possible only with highly experienced workers. Stellite welding is a tradition of more than 50 years in F.lli Rossi company.
For more information, see our welding in action on our YouTube channel:
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