Isostatic punch ROSSI ISO 03.9

The isostatic punch ISO 03.9 represents the ideal solution and the most advanced system capable to optimise the pressing of any powder. Its own working features allow to compensate not-uniform charging of the powder inside the cavity of the die box and powder density differences.

The isostatic punch is based on the Pascal principle applied to a incompressible fluid; due to the oil filled inside and to the grid of channels obtained between the mono-block steel and the rubber layer, it is able to deal the specific pressure evenly on the surface of the tile, getting a uniform density of the powder after pressing.
During the pressing phase, the oil moves in such a way that compensates the deformation imposed by the powder to the rubber surface.
The punch ISO 03.9 gives a good compensation and represents a good compensating effective solution at a low price.
The isostatic punch ISO 03.9 increases the quality of the tile in a way as much appreciable as much higher is the shrinkage of the used powder.
The oil pressure of the isostatic punch ISO 03.9 ranges from 0.5 to 2 bar.
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