Rossi 380t-450t press

The oleodynamic ROSSI 380t press is mainly designed for the production of special ceramic pieces (trims) and mosaic, but due to its overdimensioned structure it allows to press also tiles over 300x300 mm (12"x12").

The press has the following main features:

  • Press body structure assembled with electro-welded steel rings of the best quality
  • Special oversized side guides, totally sustaining lateral pushes
  • Pressure multiplier internal to the main pressing piston, annulling any effort in traction over the connecting screws
  • Oleodynamic circuit governed by proportional valve in the ejection system, with water-oil heat exchanger and filters with automatic indication of obstruction
  • Pressure-controlled cycle with position control by means of sensors and encoders
  • Electronic manegement by new generation sophisticated PLC with programmable pressure values, speed, step-by-step pressure; movements controlled and displayed on user interface video. The press CPU can manage collecting machines, automatic handlers for extracting the formed pieces, powder filling unit and further auxiliary devices such as magnetic fixing unit, oil cooling system, conditioning system
  • Power electric board separated from electronic control board, managed by touch-screen
  • Programmable electronic circuit for manual operating, single stroke automatic or totally automatic
  • Microprocessor system for setting up many pressing cycles with filling unit speed control, number of strokes per minute, strokes counter, clock, expansion for data printer
  • High running silentness, accordingly to the most recent regulations about noise reduction in working spaces
  • Powder filling unit abundantly dimensioned in the shoulders and guides, with the use of several ball bearings, ready for the mounting of brushes, movable scrapers etc.

Also available in 450 tons version.


  • Service hopper feeder with moving pipes
  • Box for silencing the oledynamic unit, equipped with cooling fan
  • Electronic control and electromechanical feeder for both the lower and upper magnetic fixing device
  • Additional oleodynamic block and control device, electronic type ROSSI system, for using mirror moulds and powder-transferring moulds
  • Proportional directional valve in the crossbeam, for position and speed control
  • Automatic locking device for ejection rods, for fast mould change
  • Mobile brush on feeder unit

Technical features:

Max pressing force: 380.000 Kgf
Max extraction force: 6.500 Kgf
Free space between the columns (span): 700 mm
Free space between crosspiece and table plate: 500 mm
Max stroke of crosspiece: 170 mm
Max stroke extraction: 120 mm
Max stroke of the filling unit: 570 mm
Installed electrical power: 30 kW
Max pressure in the main cylinder: 370 bar
Dimension press with filling unit: 1300/1670/2585 mm
Dimension oleodynamic unit: 1500/750/1000 mm
Dimension electrical power panel: 460/650/1800 mm
Dimension electronic control panel: 640/600/1800 mm


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