Rossi 280tp press

The oleodynamic ROSSI 280tp press for rubber vulcanization over punches is equipped with oledynamic system, electromechanical power board and electronic control panel.




Main features:

  • Press with 4 columns for the crossbeam, properly designed for polyurethane compounds application
  • Corssbeam and bench designed in order to reduce inflections during pressing phase
  • Programmable electronic circuit that allows to modify and quicly select the programs
  • Check-up and self-adjustment of the heating planes, by means of digital thermoregulators and timer
  • Electromagnetic plates included, made in 42CrMo4 steel hardened and tempered, with electromagnetic system ROSSI type
  • Electromagnetic panel electronic type with ROSSI MRN sysyem (residual magnetism null) for controlling the magnetic plates
  • Cycle adjustment by means of pre-set of working pressures with manometer and digital electronic pressure switch

Also available in 800 tons version.

Technical features:

Max pressing force: 280.000 Kgf
Free space between columns (span): 580 mm
Free space between lower and upper magnetic plates: 406 mm
Max stroke of crosspiece: 560 mm
Working area over heating plates: 675x570 mm
Plates heating power: 12 kW
Total installed power: 23 kW
Main piston diameter: 340 mm
Press width: 1300 mm
Press depth: 1000 mm
Press height: 3000 mm


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