Rossi 120t press

The oleodynamic ROSSI 120t press is mainly designed for the production of special ceramic pieces (trims), mosaic and laboratory samples.

The press body structure is composed of a bench and fixed crossbeam connected with two columns that are also guide for the movable crossbeam. The pressure multiplier is internal to the main pressing piston, in order to annull every force in traction over the connecting screws.

The powder filling unit is moved by means of an oledynamic cylinder.

The oleodynamic circuit is made with separated oledynamic unit with pump and motor, hydraulic accumulator, water-oil heat exchanger and solenoid valves mounted over a distribution block into the oledynamic unit.

The extractor is design for the use with traditional extraction rods with ejecting plate, or movable frame by means of four columns. Moreover it's equipped with a proportional valve for speed and axes-position control.

The electrical panel is complete with electromechanical power supply for the motor, solenoid valves for mould heating controlled with thermoregulators, programmable electronic circuit for manual use, single-stroke or automatic functioning mode (PLC) and touch-screen user interface. The press is equipped with a safety photoelectric barrier for manual extraction.

The ROSSI 120t press is also available in manual version.

Technical features (automatic version):

Max pressing force: 120.000 Kgf
Max extraction force: 6.000 Kgf
Free space between the columns (span): 500 mm
Free space between crosspiece and table plate: 400 mm
Max stroke of crosspiece: 130 mm
Max stroke extraction: 120 mm
Installed electrical power: 9,5 kW
Max oil pressure in the main cylinder: 380 bar
Dimension press with filling unit: 0,9/2,1/1,3 m
Dimension oleodynamic unit: 0,4/0,9/0,6 m
Dimension electrical panel: 0,4/1,7/0,7 m


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