Plates and punch-supports with magnetic fixing

Both the upper plates and the lower punch-supports can be realized with electromagnetic fixing or, at customer's choice, with permanent magnetic fixing.

The advantage in case of permanent magetic fixing is due to the fact that the electromagnetic force remains active also in absence of electric feeding: this can grant an ulterior safety guarantee, mainly in upper plates.

Our electronic feeder for plates or punch.supports with electromagnetic fixing is equipped with a safety link to the press, that can't operate without feeding on electromagnetic plate.

Our feeders, both for electromagnetic plates and permament magnetic fixing, have a specific circuit dedicated to the automatic scalar demagnetizing with reverse repeating of the hysteresis cycle. This demagnetizing system allows to take the plate or the punch-support back to zero residual magnetism, very useful specially with big size punches that can so be easily removed.

Our magnetic plate is designed in order to grant the maximum magnetized surface that means the highest resistance to the crushing; infact the copper wirings are inserted through thin cuts of 5 mm only.

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