"ROSSI Multiformato" moulds

We have developed this project in order to reduce the problems caused by the press stop for  changing the mould, much more onerous with big presses due to the weight and dimensions of the moulds used.

This solution is particularly suitable to face the many changes of size that often are required by commercial needs.
This mould is mounted over an universal basement that is able to support many different sizes. This basement is equipped with electromagnetic fixing which allows to mount and dismount quickly the mould. The universal basement is also equipped with a series of four hydraulic cylinders that allow an easy lifting of the mould for its removal.
This type of basement is usually kept mounted on the press for a long time, so it is available as an optional a special bellow made of silicone rubber.
The mould parts that are easily changed are those that vary with the size change: punches, liners and punches supports.
For the quick-change of big and heavy punches, it is available as an optional an hydraulic lifting for each punch support.
We also have a functional system for quick-change of liners, usable directly over the mould mounted on the press.
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