Long-lasting materials

F.lli Rossi company is always testing and studying new materials that can grant the longest duration of the whole mould and its components.

In 1998 we introduced our liners made in sintered steel, named ROSSI HP, that allowed on average to increase up to three times more the life of this important component.
Recently we developed liners in integral hard metal, ROSSI HM liners, with duration performances up to seven times more than traditional liners. This solution is particularly useful in case of continuous production of the same tile size, reducing up to seven times the need of mould changing.
Also the costs for regeneration will be reduced; all of our special liners are reconditionable many times and longer than normal liners.
Talking about punches, since more than 25 years we produce and sell “good-face” punches with high-thickness hard chromium coating, mainly used for porcelain tile production, granting a very long duration.
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