Our history

ROSSI F.LLI TRADING S.r.l. operates since 1900 in industrial field and since more than 60 years we are specialized in the manufacture and reparation of molds and punches for the ceramic industry, in various sizes and reliefs. Without any doubt, our company remains the undisputed leader in the molds for special pieces of any shape and size.

The long experience in this production is the best guarantee of quality and efficiency in the service we offer. Our qualified staff can assist our customers in all the phases of new products development and troubleshooting.
A thorough knowledge of the theory of the formation process and tile production has allowed us to start, 30 years ago, the production of small vertical hydraulic presses, with pressing force of 10t, 50t, 120t, 380t, 450t and 600t, mainly used for ceramic production of mosaic, special pieces and trims. Our range of presses is completed with 280t and 800t models for polyurethane rubber vulcanization.
In addition to this wide range of services, we have a technical department where our team of engineers and technicians are continuously involved in research and development, enabling us to consistently achieve better results. Thanks to our articulated organization, even the most selective customers can be helped and assisted in the definition, selection and layout design of complete plants and installation of machinaries.
Quality, reliability and innovation are the main characteristics of our company, walking for more than 110 years towards the future.