About us

The main activity of of ROSSI F.LLI TRADING S.r.l. is dedicated to the construction and  maintenance of moulds for ceramic, for traditional flat tiles, special pieces like as “Bullnoses”, “Cove base”, “Matite”, “Canalette”, mosaics, internal and external corners, dishes and engraved pieces of different shape and dimension. We supply punches in welded, hardened and polished steel, rubber or resin coated and chromium plated, both traditional and isostatic type, reconditionable or “throw-away” type, in order to satisfy the various requests of our customers and considering the type of powder to be pressed.

All the production process is executed inside our factory: the design and calculation, all the mechanical tooling, the electrical or manual welding, the rubber coating and the final mould assembly. We are equipped also for the regeneration of punches, liners, mouldframes and complete moulds that will be returned to the customer like as new, with a considerable economical saving.
As complement, we can offer traditional filling units with table coated with Teflon or inox steel and loading grids for for any type of press nowadays in the market, in different models as per customer request: fixed grids, floating type, with linear or honey-comb laths, with or without anti-sticking coating.
Moreover we have a wide catalogue of surfaces and structures, always updated and in line with the most recent market trend.
You can find here below our catalogue ready to be downloaded.